UPS tracking number – How to track lost package?

The tracking service is facilitated by the most of the transportation organizations which help the client to track the shipping status of his/her product or package. This process requires a one of a kind tracking number provided during shipment. UPS is one of the courier companies which provide courier tracking facility to its clients – – when the order is dispatched, the UPS courier doled out a tracking number to it which makes feasible for both the shipper and the beneficiary to track the shipping product and sometime the courier company provides the automated notification of the shipping product as it travels through the framework on the way to its goal. Client can get the UPS tracking number recorded on both the receipt handed over to the client and outer package of the dispatched item.

To make getting UPS tracking number a less difficult job for you, we have provided you the UPS tracking number format example. Ups tracking number commonly begins with the blend of the number and letter. For example, “1Z”. To get tracking number you can checkout the receipt or outer package you have. If it seems not easy to get tracking number or you have tried all the above process, not to worry, we are there to provide you the solution.


Is it possible to track the lost package? Is it possible to track the progress of the shipping product without shipping number? And the answer is clearly No, you cannot track the shipping product without the tracking number. However, despite everything you can still locate your lost UPS package. In the event that you experience such issue and think about whether you can recoup your delivery tracking number or any possible solution of this issue, most of the courier organizations are utilizing instruments which make it convenient to track the shipping package on the net without one. You should simply to have some information with respect to shipping package tracking tools which help you to get you lost package. Below we have mentioned simplest methods which help you to track your lost package. The tools used by courier companies are the most ideal approach to recover tracking number. If you want to use these tools, you have to visit the courier organization’s site and enroll for an account. When you make your account, it’s simply a matter of signing in and finding the right package in view of other delivery details. Below we have mentioned how to track lost package step by step.


Method 1 : UPS My Choice help you to find your lost package


Firstly, you need to register for UPS My Choice. My Choice will enable you to track packages being sent via UPS. Settle on whether you need the free enrollment or premium membership for $40 a year. Tap on the yellow “continue” option available on the bottom of the membership you need. When you are on the enrollment page, fill in your own details and check your address.


  • The free form of My Choice will give you a chance to track your packages without a tracking number.


  • A premium enrollment will enable you to change the beneficiary’s address and to change the date of conveyance.


Now you need to Login Visit the UPS site and click on “Login” which is on the top of the page. Feel the details that you mentioned when you enrolled your account and click on “Sign In.”


Tap the “Tracking” tab which is on top of the page. Once you’ve signed in, you can see every pending package by tapping the “Tracking” tab at the top of the page. After this, you will see a list of the considerable number of packages that are being sent and got by UPS to or from your address.


UPS will relate any packages utilizing your address to your record so you can track them.

Checkout the package you need to track and tap on the link of tracking number. This will convey you to another page that will show details on where it last was and where it is currently.


Method 2 : Tracking USPS packages with informed delivery


Agree to accept Informed Delivery on the USPS site. Visit Fill the form with your own data and address. Making an account will give you access to an assortment of USPS tools, including web based tracking for select packages that you send or get through USPS.

Sign in and checkout your dashboard. Tap “Track and Manage” at the top of the screen, at that point scroll down to “My USPS.” The page appeared is your dashboard and will have a list of the majority of the packages you’ve gotten or sent in the last 2 weeks.


USPS will show any packages that are as of now in transit to or from the address you used to enlist your account.


Tap on the package you need to track. Tapping on the package will raise extra subtle elements, including where it as of now is, and the post office where the package last was.


You can utilize your dashboard to monitor a package, regardless of whether you never again have the tracking number or there is no tracking number related with the package.


You need to submit a request in case your package is lost. If a package hasn’t been conveyed inside 7 days of the assessed conveyance date, you can submit a search request and have USPS search for the shipping package. Go to and tap “Start Your Missing Mail Search.” You’ll need to provide the sender and recipient’s address, the size of the package, and other distinguishing data.


Method 4 : Tracking with FedEx Delivery Manager


Agree to accept FedEx Delivery Manager. Go to Fill out the form and log in for a FedEx Delivery Manager account. Fill out personal data and a legitimate address.


To approve your identity you’ll need to enter individual details and answer security questions.


Login to the portal to search for package you need to track. When you join, visit click “Sign In” to sign into the Delivery Manager. You’ll get a portal that will enable you to track packages being sent and got. Check under “status” for the package you are tracking to figure out where it is.


When you agree to accept the Delivery Manager, you can also change the delivery time or turn on delivery notifications.


Track with the entryway label number. The door tag number can be found on your shipment details/itinerary and more often not begins with a DT and is trailed by 12 numbers. This number can be used as an other option to your tracking number. Visit Go to the tracking piece of the page and sort in the door tag number.


In case you’re tracking your office within the U.S., you can also give another number known as the FedEx Office number to track the package. This number can also be found on your delivery itinerary.

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