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Track Your Package/ Parcel using UPS Tracking Service :  UPS or United Parcel Service is the world’s largest package delivery system or largest global level logistic company. The main aim of UPS is to provide best service and delivery on time to its customer . UPS is dealing with delivery system on  very large basis . It is not only limited to one country instead it serves or provide its service in 220 countries around the world . It is also a very cost-effective service , you need not to pay a lot of amount for delivering your parcels like other companies . UPS provides a lot of new and latest features to you which other companies do not like it provides you to send your packet with your choice of time . It also provides you the feature of urgent delivery if you have any emergency and wants to send your document as early as possible then the best service you can use is UPS .

The head quarter of UPS is situated in the city of US named as Sandy Springs , Georgia . This company delivers a huge amount of packages and parcels every day . The estimated amount of delivery per day by UPS is 15 million packages for around 7.9 million customers . UPS not only provide services domestically infact it provides parcel service in more than 220 countries and territories across the world . UPS is the most popular service provider among customers for delivery as it provides a very good service on time with proper care of the article or matter present in the delivery parcel .

The foundation history of UPS is very historical , it was founded on 28 August , 1907 by James Casey . At that time the company was situated at very small level in which the delivery was conducted on foot or by bicycle for long distances but in now a days it so vast that it provides services to more than 220 countries by various means of transportation for the delivery of packages . The primary focus and aim of UPS is take care of the customer and to deliver products and packages on time to their owners . UPS perform its operation in three segments –

1 – U.S Domestic package

2 – International package

3 – Supply chain and freight


U.S Domestic package

The first segment of USP is U S Domestic package includes the delivery of letter , article , documents and packages on time only in the united states. This service does not deliver outside than united states .

International Package

The second segment of USP is International Package operation which includes the delivery as well as shipment of the package in 220 countries and territories world wide other than united states .

Supply Chain & Freight

The third segment of USP is Supply Chain & Freight which includes UPS forward and contract logistics operation , UPS freight and other business . This segment is used for legal and business purpose . UPS forwarding and logistic business provides service in more than 175 countries and territories world wide successfully . This operation also includes supply chain design, management and execution , freight forwarding and distribution, customs brokerage , mail and consulting services. Freight forwarding offers a variety of less than truck load ( LTL ) and truck load ( TL ) for the customers of North America.

  • There is approximately 444,000 staff in USP of which 362,000 are in the UPS and remaining 82,000 internationally for the help of customers for solving their problems and queries or solving any technical or temporary issue with the system . Approx 240,000 UPS drivers, package handlers, and clerks are represented.

Transportation of Packages  : United Parcel Services

1. Package car


The transportation by UPS is performed by different means of transport like land , water , air etc . The delivery van of UPS is referred or named as “Package car” . Package car delivers the item depending on the route and volume of the packages available .

2 -Tractor-trailers

The tractor – trailers of united parcel service are commonly referred by UPS as “freeders” . These are normally painted with black and grey color . Tractor – trailers are used to transport large volume of package in near by states or countries . This transportation method is generally used for long land routes.


3 – Bicycle

Bicycle is also used by UPS as a means of transportation for short distances and lighter volume of packages . Now a days this method of transportation is very rarely seen but in 2008 it was common for the transportation of lighter packages in near by cities .

4 – Trains

The transportation of packages by trains is used when the amount of package is in bulk and it is not able to transport it in containers or trailers then the UPS uses the transportation by the means of trains .

5 – Cargo airlines

UPS has its own airline which consist of 236 air crafts which delivers packages over 200 countries and territories world wide . UPS airline operates several major hubs , the largest hub from all of them is in Chicago .


As the time is moving on United Parcel Service ( UPS ) has also brought several changes to it . As the world and citizens are getting Hi – Tech in this world of increasing technology UPS has also brought a feature of online tracking for the benefit of their customer which is known as UPS Tracking . In UPS tracking you are able to track your consignment or package online at your home from worldwide by just simply using some digits UPS tracking number provided after your parcel is ready for the delivery .

By using this tracking service you can know each and every location of your parcel that where is it know and when will you be going to get your package on your door , so that you can manage your self for being available to receive your package .

The customers who are friendly with service or are aware about the policies of UPS knows how they can track their consignment online but their are a lot of people who are not aware and don not know how they will be able to know about their package or how they can track it . For such customers we are here to help them . We will come to know that how we can track our package with different methods provided by UPS through simply using UPS tracking number .

What is UPS tracking ?

 UPS tracking is the service provided by United Parcel Service company for the benefit of its customers . This service allows you to track each and every step and position of your article online just sitting at your home with out any extra charges or fee . You can track your package after you have sended your package to UPS for delivery . In this article we will going to tell you various tracking methods through which you can easily track your shipment with out any problem . You are free to select any of the mentioned method which is convenient and easy for you to track your package .

When you submit your package for delivery to UPS they provide you a number known as UPS tracking id after submission , this provided number is known as tracking number which in future helps you to track your consignment . We will be going to track your package with the help of this provided number by UPS .

The number which is written in the red circle is your UPS tracking id which is present on your bill .

Note : This is a sample receipt , you can find your UPS id on the bill or receipt provided by UPS after submitting your package .

* A UPS tracking id is the unique id which is generated differently for different packages it can never be same for 2 packages of different customers . The tracking id given to you is same as the tracking id mentioned on your package so that at every step the UPS updated the status of your package by using the tracking id mentioned on your package and after using the tracking id which is available to you gives the same information as updated by UPS .

By this process you comes to know about the status of your package at every step of delivery. You are having a unique id which is only valid for your consignment not for any other . So , by using this tracking id you can easily know the status of your package online from any where across the country .

Now let us come to know more about this tracking id , UPS has basically 4 formats in which they provide their tracking id to the customers . These 4 formats are as mentioned below –

* 1Z9999999999999999

* T9999999999

* 999999999

* 999999999999


The tracking format which is generally used by UPS is first one which starts with 1Z that is 1Z9999999999999999 in which

– The 6 numbers presented after 1Z are known as shipper numbers .

– Next two numbers after shipper numbers are known as service level indicators of your package . Service level is used for knowing that this parcel is selected for which service . Each service has different service levels denoted by different numbers in UPS .

– The last 8 numbers after the service level code are the unique numbers allotted to each package .


UPS Tracking Number

Below are some types of tracking number which can be tracked by using UPS tracking service . These numbers are between 7 to 20 digits depending on the means of transportation .

1 . House Air Way bill : This type of number is used to the services which are using air freight movement i.e , which will be shipped by using means of transport as air .

2 . House Bill of Lading : This type of tracking number is used for the services which are using ocean freight movement that is those service in which package is going to transfer by means of water transport .

3 . UPS Service Notice : This number is provided to such customers who are using UPS delivery first time .

4 . UPS Info Notice : This tracking number or notice is provided by UPS to customer when he fails to pick up the last attempt of delivery of his parcel . By using this number you can track your parcel where it is right now . You can make the delivery re – scheduled by this number .

5 . PRO number : This number is used for the service which are going to use surface freight movement for transportation or delivery .


UPS Tracking Methods :

UPS has been provided several methods for the customer to track their package . You can use any of the method provided by UPS to tack your consignment . Here we will be going to know how we can track our package by using these methods and your unique tracking id . Below we have provided you some methods of tracking you can use any of them according to your convenience .

Method : 1 : Track Package using UPS tracking number : 

For tracking your package by using UPS tracking number follow the below mentioned steps –

Step – 1 : First of all go the official site of United Parcel service ( UPS ) which is or you can also follow the link provided below


Step – 2 : When you open the official website of UPS or you click on the link a window will get open in front of you like this :


Step – 3 : Now , click in the option “Location” present at the top right corner of the screen .


Step – 4 : Select this option and choose the location in which you are living .

Step – 5 : After selecting your location go to the tracking tab which is present at the top mid of the screen of your device . Click on tracking option a list will appear in front of you .


Step – 6 : Now go for the first option present in list states as “ track shipment” . Click on this option .


Step – 7 : After clicking on track shipment a screen will get open in front of you like this .


Step – 8 : Now select the first option which is Track by number from all of the options present in front of you .


Step – 9 : Now a box will appear in front of you . Keep your tracking number with you and type the same tracking id in the provided box .

Note : You can track up to 25 shipments at a same time which means if you have delivered more than 1 package than you are eligible for tracking all of your package at same time . You just need to type the tracking number or tracking id of each of the package in the provided box make sure that you press enter after inserting the number of each package . Take care that you can type last 25 tracking numbers in the box not more than 25 .


Step – 10 : Now after typing all of the numbers and details on the box click on the option TRACK present at right corner of that particular box .


Note : If any of the number provided by you will be incorrect then you will see a note stating that “ UPS could not locate the shipment details for your request . Please verify your information and try again later” . When you see this type of message from UPS side then it means that some thing is wrong check each number and try again by clicking on the TRACK button .


Method : 2 – Track package by UPS Reference option :


Step – 1 : First of all open the official website of united parcel service ( UPS ) . You can go to the or follow the below provided link


Step – 2 : Now , select your current location from the location menu .

Step – 3 : After selecting the location go to the track option . Click on it to open . You will see a list opening in front of you .


* Now , go to the first option from the list which is named as “ Track shipment” . Click to open .


* A window will open in front of you like this .


* Now , click on the second option which is track by reference from the list .


Step – 4 : In this step , select your shipment type as package , freight , mail innovation according to the type of your package from the given 3 options .

Step – 5 : In next step you need to type the shipment reference number make sure that your shipment number should not exceed more than 35 characters and it should include both characters and numbers in it in a combination .

Step – 6 : Now select the shipment date range .

Step – 7 : Next , select the account of of person who is shipping the parcel . If you have any other UPS account then mention it in the others field .

Step – 8 : Now choose the country to which parcel is needed to delivered .

Step – 9 : Now you need to type or select the postal / ZIP code of the country to which parcel is going to be delivered .

Step – 10 : After selection ZIP code or postal code once again re check all of the data you have provided .

Step – 11 : Now click on the track option presented at the right corner of the box .

You will get all of the details and status of your parcel after clicking on Track option .

Method : 3 – UPS Tracking by Mail

 We come to know about two different methods of tracking above now we will come to know about the other method which is easy and faster than any of the other methods to track your consignment which is by email . You wanted to know how to track your package by the help of email let us know this –

For tracking with email you just only need to mail you unique tracking id or tracking number to the UPS mail id which is . You are also able to send more than one tracking number in only one email . The last limit of provided tracking numbers is upto 25 tracking id . You can put the tracking number in your subject also if you have only one tracking id to be tracked . You will get a return reply mail from UPS with your package status .

Note : You can not use this method for freight tracking .

UPS Tracking UK

Also, People search for UPS Tracking UK that’s also have similar procedure and methods which we have listed here for United States.


Method : 4 – UPS tracking by UPS SMS Tracking

If you want that you will get all of the updates of your package on your mobile then UPS has another service also which is of UPS SMS tracking . Let us know how to track your consignment by using this service .

Step – 1 : First of all you need to go to the official website of UPS by following the same link .

Step – 2 : You will directly go to page of tracking details .

Step – 3 : Now you need to select the option SMS tracking then go to the “Notify me with updates” option so that you will be able to get all of the details through message .

Step – 4 : Now it will ask you to choose the type of notification . Select for the SMS text message type notification .

Step – 5 : Now a next folder will open asking for the number . You need to select an option saying “Add new number” .

Step – 6 : Now enter that number on which you wanted all of the details . It will ask you to confirm your mobile number .

Step – 7 : After confirming your mobile number you will going to get each and every update of your parcel on your mobile phone with the means of text messages .

NOTE : If you want the details of your shipment only one time then you can select the option of opt out which will make you eligible for only only one time tracking details .


Method : 5 – UPS tracking by UPS info Notice  

Info notice number is provided to you by UPS , this number is very helpful to you in several means like by using this number you can easily change your delivery date , you can change the delivery address , you will be able to make your package on hold status if you are not able to take the delivery . If you wanted to track your shipment through UPS info notice number then follow the below mentioned steps for tracking :

Step – 1 : Go to the official website of UPS . Link gfor the official website is

Step – 2 : You need to select your location first before you proceed for the next step .

Step – 3 : After selecting your location , go to tracking menu presented at the top of the screen .

Step – 4 : Now you will get a list opened in front you , you need to choose for the first option from the list which is “Tracking shipment” option . Click on it .

Step – 5 : You will get a window to be opened on the left side , here you will see a box at which written “Tracking or Info notice number” . In this box type the info notice number provided to you by UPS .

Step – 6 : After entering your Info notice number click on the track option present at the right corner of the screen .


You will get all of the details regarding your shipment or the status of your package .

* These all methods mentioned above were the major methods used for tracking your parcel . There are some more methods of tracking which we will be going to know in this article below .

USP tracking by signature

It a very secured tracking service provided by UPS to its customers for tracking . Ups signature tracking customers can request for a proof of their package delivery from UPS by providing following details to UPS –

* A clean and scanned picture of your signature .

* Your full name .

* The full delivery address of the package .

To get tracking facility with signature you need to first of all sign with My UPS to save it from unauthorised parties .

UPS Tracking Phone Number

1-800-742-5877 (1-800-PICK-UPS®) For international shipping, call 1-800-782-7892. Phone Menu Guide.

UPS Enhanced Tracking

 This service is provided by UPS with My UPS . This gives you the better and enhanced tracking details . For using this service you need to first of all register with My UPS . You will be going to get several benefits through this service .

* You will be going to track CSV files via email .

* You can easily tracking about 100 tracking id at one time by using this service .

* You can save up to 50 tracking numbers those you do not want to input every time .

* You can request for the delivery timing or delay regarding your package .


First of all you need to :

Register with UPS My Choice

* Go to the official link .

* Fill out the form specially which are starred ( * ) mark .

* Accept the agreement form by clicking it .

* Go to the next page .

* Now fill out all of the details asked for .

– After completing all of the procedures you will get a confirmation message from UPS side and your registration will get completed .

UPS Tracking with “Follow My Service”

This service is provided by My Choice . This service comes in existence in 2011 . So , for using this service you need to register with UPS My Choice . This service is available for all the customers as well as for freight customers and for UPS world wide Express .

This is a very advanced service used by UPS for tracking your package through live maps . It gives you every details about the package leaves the distribution center and how it is reaching to the next destination center . There is only one limitation that you will not be able to track the drivers route for the security purpose .

The driver’s location is tracked by using GPS and shows to the customer by using map . If you track the service by using other methods then you need to follow several steps but by using this method you only need to register one time with UPS My Choice .


UPS Ground Tracking

With the help of UPS ground tracking you will get the following benefits :-

* The Service which is scheduled for particular date .

* You will get the guarantee of delivery of your package .

* By use of UPS tracking system you will get the status of your package in advance .

* The service charges for UPS are cheaper then other services .

* You will get the delivery within 1-5 days of the shipment .

Track by UPS Mobile Apps : UPS Android & UPS iOS App

UPS Freight Tracking

This is the service which is provided by UPS to track freight services . You can track your freight parcels with the help of 2 methods . The first method is PRO method and the second method of tracking is Reference method to track Freight consignment .


Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s )


Ques 1 : Does UPS delivers on Saturday ?

Ans 1 : UPS Saturday Hours : Yes, UPS delivers on Saturday . For availing this facility UPS has brought its new service named as “ UPS Critical Express Service” . By using UPS critical express service you will be able to deliver you article even on Saturday .

UPS critical express service is for those packages which needs to be transported urgently or those which are time sensitive . You are able to send your light weight package and also the heavy package by using this service . UPS has its separate official websites specially for urgently delivered packages through which you can directly contact to UPS for this service . You can manage your shipment through UPS express critical service if you need to deliver your item quickly in a limited duration of time then you can contact to the members of UPS through their website for the quick delivery with some extra charges . If your package need to be handle or delivered with extra care or the package includes some brokable item then you can use this service of UPS in which your package will be handled with a lot of care and delivered safely with out any damage to it . If your item is temperature sensitive then it will be delivered with temperature controlled vehicles in particular temperature required for your package for its safe delivery by using this service . This service also has the feature of pick up and drop up facility for your parcel . This service is available for 24 hours which means you can manage your delivery time according to your suitability .

The official website for UPS Critical Service is


Hope , you have got the answer of your question . There are many other services too which deliver on week ends but the UPS is best which is trustable and deliver your package on time .


Ques 2 : Does UPS delivers on Sunday ?

Ans 2 : Yes , UPS delivers on Sunday . There are many peoples who do not have time on week days and are only free on Sunday . If you are one of them and looking to deliver or submit your parcel on Sunday then you must go to the UPS . UPS has an special service for such packages and articles who need to be delivered on correct time provided by the customer this special service of UPS is known as UPS Critical Express Service . By using this service you can send your parcel even on Sunday . This facility is available for 24 hours on UPS , you can submit or let your article delivered any time even on Sunday . For letting this service UPS has its special official website which is only for time sensitive or some special packages . For that website click on the link provided below –


For opening this website , you need to first of all sign up on it with your correct credentials after that you log in to the website any time . You can also track your shipments sended with this service by UPS online using unique tracking id provided to you like other normal packages you did . So , now it is possible to even send your urgent parcels on Sunday with only some nominal charges of UPS .


Ques 3 : Can you pickup packages from UPS on Saturday ?

Ans 3 : Yes , you can pick up your packages from UPS even on Saturday if your parcel is using UPS Critical Express Service which means that it is scheduled for Saturday delivery but for the normally delivered parcels you need to wait till Monday . As UPS only give Saturday and Sunday pick up and drop up facility on its Critical Express Service . The Saturday pick up facility is also available for air and international packages with a regular Saturday pickup or by using UPS on call pick up .


Ques 4 : Can I pick up package from UPS before delivery ? 

Ans 4 : Yes , it might be possible that you got your package to be delivered before the scheduled delivery time but this matters when you called or re scheduled your delivery time . If you call for early delivery in the morning around 8 am then it may be possible to get your package but if you call later after the driver leaves then it will only be possible for the next day . But , the early delivery is not that easy as it needs a lot of changes in system . So you can try for it what will you get in return depends on the timing .


Ques 5 : How many times does the UPS attempts delivery ?

Ans 5 : If you fails to receive your package on the scheduled time of delivery then your delivery gets re – scheduled . UPS attempts three times for delivery ( it does not include weekends and holidays ) But , after all three attempts you are unable to receive the package then UPS will send your package back to the shipper .


Ques 6 : What is the UPS vacation hold cost ? 

Ans 6 : If in case due to any problem you are unable to pick up your package on the schedule time you can request UPS to hold your package for vacation . The UPS can hold your package for last 5 days after 5 days they will send it back to the shipper . The cost for holding the package is around $ 5 for 5 days .


Ques 7 : Can I ship something to the UPS store ?

Ans 7 : Yes , you can do this . For this contact the UPS store of your location which ship your item , immediately to know that is it possible to re – route your item or not . If your item is near by then the shipment is possible .


Ques 8 : Does UPS take any guarantee of the item present in package ?

Ans  : You need not worry about your item after shipping it through UPS as UPS take complete guarantee of your package if it broke , damages or any thing happens o your article . The UPS will reimburse the amount of the cost of your item , or for its repairing . But before forwarding look for the terms and conditions of Pack & ship guarantee .


Ques 9 : What is approximate delivery time taken by UPS in shipment ?

Ans 9 : The time of delivery depends on which option you have chosen . There are some options provided by UPS to conduct delivery according to your convenience .

1 . UPS next day Air Early : In this option your delivery will be conducted in the next day of your shipment in early morning i.e , before 8 am .

2 . Next Day Air : In this option your delivery will be conducted next day of your shipment typically by 10:30 am.

3 . UPS Next Day Air Saver : In this option the delivery is conducted next day of your shipment by the end of the day i.e , in evening .

4 . UPS 2nd Day Air A.M : In this option your delivery will be conducted in normally 2 business days after you shipment in early morning i.e , before 8 am .

5 . UPS 2nd Day Air : In this option your delivery will be conducted in normally 2 business days after your shipment typically by end of day .

6 . UPS 3rd Day select : In this option the delivery is scheduled to be conducted in 3 business days after shipment by end of the day .

7 . UPS Ground : In this option the delivery is conducted in between 1 – 5 business days based on the distance . You will be pre – known that when will your delivery be scheduled .


Ques 10 : How to request UPS pick up near me ?

Ans : The automated online pick up facility is not available by every where in all countries . If you are facing the same problem then contact to your near by local UPS store to arrange your package for pick up .


Ques 11 : Can someone else pic up my package on behalf me ?

Ans 11 : Yes , if you want the other person to pick up your package on behalf of you , The person need to bring their valid government photo ID or any other ID proof which must have their full name . They must have proof of connection with the delivery address as on the UPS label or to the person whom the package belongs .


Ques 12 : How to find nearest UPS drop off or drop box facility ?

Ans 12 : To find out the nearest drop box or drop off facility follow the below step –

Step – 1: Go to the official website of UPS which is . A screen will open in front of you like this .


Step – 2 : Now , click on the box stating find a drop off location present at the left side top of the screen .


Step – 3 : After this in next step type your current location in the box provided or you can also use the navigation to determine your current location on its own .


Step – 4 : Now click on the Find option presented at the right corner of the box .


* You will get a list opened in front of you with all of the near by locations of UPS to you .


Ques 13 : What is UPS customer service number ?

Ans : The UPS customer service number is 18001027171 . For any query , complaint , schedule a pic up etc you can contact to UPS customer service by this number .


Ques 14 : How can I talk to a human instead of robots at UPS customer service ?

Ans : It is very irritating to talk to a live person on UPS as for doing this you need to press more and more buttons by answering several questions and after wasting a lot of time you will be able to contact to the customer representative . But here we are providing you a small tutorial with a simple trick to contact customer representative directly . You can try this for saving your time .

Step – 1 : First of all dial the customer service number on your dial pad which is 18007425877 .

Step – 2 : When the system starts speaking or ask questions to you press 0 on your dial pad .

Step – 3 : When it start talking again then , again press 0 on your keypad .

Step – 4 : By following these steps your call will be directly forwarded to customer representative of UPS without answering dozens of questions .

Now , it becomes simple to ask your query from a human inspite of talking to robots on UPS .


Ques 15 : What should I do if I receive a UPS Info notice ?

Ans 15 : First of all , read your info notice provided by UPS .


Ques 16 : What should I do if I receive a UPS info notice ?

Ans 16 : First of all , clearly examine that there is any additional checked information in the UPS info notice provided to you . By using UPS info notice you will be able to sign back the UPS notice by authorizing driver to leave your shipment or you can also change the address of delivery .

There are some main points to know are

1 . Will call – This is for holding your shipment for pick up .

2 . Deliver to another address – You are able to re route or change your delivery address .

3 . Reschedule delivery – You can also change the shipment date of your delivery if you are not available for picking up the package on the scheduled time .

4 . Return to sender – The undelivered package can be returned to sender .

Hope you liked our detailed article on UPS Tracking Services. In case if you have more questions related to United Parcel Service, then let us know in the COMMENT section below, we will try to solve your query asap.

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