UPS holiday schedule for 2018

If you are a regular user of UPS or use its services most of the time then it is necessary for have the details of USP holidays that are going to fall in this year. So ,today we are going to provide you the list of holidays falling in coming year 2018 and tell you some more things about UPS. As, sometimes we need to send some urgent packages on holidays so , UPS also provides you the services even on holidays for your comfort. The all over staff which is working in UPS is around 3,62,000 which is only in the UPS itself and the other 88000 employees are working in other countries for UPS , the staff of UPS has different persons for different works like UPS drivers , package handlers , clerks and so on which have their own functions and duties. There are more than of 15 million packages got delivered every day from one place to another domestically or internationally , as it is a postal service so their not much holidays in UPS and the employees work so hard with only 6 holidays in whole year on which the UPS gets closed and the staff of UPS can get some time to relax in these holidays. The list of holidays going to fall in 2018 by UPS are –


1 January , 2018     :  New year’s day

29 May , 2018       :  Memorial day

04 July , 2018       :  Independence day

04 September , 2018  :  Labor day

23 November , 2018  :  Thanksgiving day

25 December , 2018  :  Christmas day


So , on the above 6 days the all of the facilities of UPS like pickup up , drop off or delivery services are not available. This list of holidays is providing by UPS for 2018 so that the customers of it can set the timings of shipping or delivery of their package according to this holiday schedule , like if their is any person who wanted to deliver his package urgently and going to choose the UPS 1 day delivery service then according to it your package will get delivered on 1 business day but before it you should check whether the day is working or not , if not then your package will got delivered on next business day so , you should take care that before selecting the location of UPS drop first if all check the day is working or not. You are also allowed to track your package with help of the Ups tracking service. Although on the normal holidays UPS also offers them special services which are done on the time of holiday when you will not be able to send your package through normal delivery.


Service available on weekends by UPS 

Normally , the UPS remain closed on Saturday and Sunday but even on the days you can use the UPS worldwide express services which are UPS 2nd day air and the another is UPS next day delivery air shipment which are basically used on the Saturdays for delivering the urgent packages with having some of the nominal extra amount and they provides you the guaranteed next day or 2bd day delivery of the product and you are able to avail this service whole year in your life. Apart from these two services of Saturday there is one more facility of UPS which is provided on Saturday which is UPS pick up but do not mix it with UPS drop box as all of the drop box allows the pick up only on week days , whether on Sunday hours there is no facility of UPS pick up or drop off for the customers but you are having UPS critical service which helps you if you needs to send any very urgent package.

Service of UPS in case of very urgent shipment

If you are having any very urgent package which you needs to deliver then you can use the express critical service of UPS in which you can simply contact the department of UPS critical service. The best part of this service is that it is available 24*7 in all over the year.


If you needs to ship your package internationally 

If you are going to deliver your package outside USA or in any other country then it is important for you to first of all have a look over the holidays of that particular country as this will effect the delivery of your package. So , ship your package according to these holidays if you want to deliver your package on correct time internationally.

So , today we told you about the holidays that are scheduled in UPS for 2018 which will help you a lot in delivery of your package or getting an estimation for the arrival time , although their are very few holidays which are given to the UPS staff as we also mentioned that the services of UPS are not available on weekends but you are able to use some of the special facilities of UPS which are formed only for these days and for urgent deliveries.

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