Is it possible to track shipment if you do not have tracking number?

The service of tracking is provided by most of the shipping companies which help the user to track the delivery status of his/her item, package or deal voucher. This service requires a unique tracking number allotted at the time of the shipment. UPS also provides such facility to its customer – when the item is shipped, the UPS courier assigned a tracking number to it which makes possible for both the shipper and the recipient to track the progress of the shipping item or receive automated notifications of the shipping item as it moves through the system en route to its destination. User can find the UPS tracking number listed on both the receipt provided and outer package of the shipped product, and the UPS tracking number typically starts with the combination of the number and letter such as “1Z”. Checkout the receipt or outer package you have got. If it still you are not able to find it, not need to worry, we are there to solve your problem.


Is it possible to track the shipping item without tracking number? And the answer is obviously No, it is not possible to track the shipping item without the tracking number. However, you still can be able to locate your missing package. If you encounter such problem and wonder if you can recover your shipping tracking number or any solution of this problem, most of the courier companies are using tools which make it possible to track your shipping item online without one. All you have to do is to have some information regarding shipping items tracking tools which help you to locate your lost package. Below we have listed some basic or useful things which you should follow if you are in such situation. The tools are the best way to retrieve information, However, we have mentioned some other convenient methods which might help you to get your lost UPS tracking number.


Check the following places to get your UPS tracking number


  • You cannot find tracking number/id in Post Office since they don’t keep a record of it.  You can check at the following places in case if you have lost your UPS tracking number
  • The tracking number may be listed on Post Office shipping  receipt
  • In case if you bought insurance at the Post Office, you can check your sales receipt
  • If you shipped from, you might have received email confirmation, you can check that mail which might contain the information of the UPS tracking number and can help you to retrieve your tracking number
  • You can also retrieve the UPS tracking number from the shipping confirmation email which you received from an online retailer
  • On USPS tracking label, the tracking number is listed at the bottom peel-off portion, you can check checkout there
  • You must have gotten an orange slip if you missed UPS delivery, you can get your UPS tracking number on the back of that orange slip. Go and check immediately


If you have lost your UPS tracking receipt and any of the above mentioned method doesn’t seem to be helpful to you. We recommend you to wait for sometime as it takes time to reach the mail to the destination. Confirm from the recipient if the mail has arrived or not. If you still get the answer No or the recipient haven’t received any mail, then you need to visit the Post Office and ask them to assist you in this matter. You have to provide some useful information to them such as the address of the recipient, the name of the recipient, date and time, this information is going to help them to assist you. You can get the date and time easily in case you have made payment via credit or debit card.


How to track shipment without UPS tracking number?


A lot of people encounter such problem and come up with queries such as how to track a shipment without UPS tracking number? But the fact is, there is no other way which makes it possible to track the shipment without UPS tracking number.

You can try to get a UPS tracking number by the method mentioned above. If you still find it difficult to retrieve the UPS tracking number of the methods shared above, there are two more ways to retrieve your UPS tracking number –


  • Make a call to UPS Customer Service
  • You can visit a local Post Office


However, this doesn’t give you guarantee that you’ll definitely be able to get the UPS tracking number, but you can give a try to these options and see how can they assist you.  In case if your shipping item is insured, then all you need to do is to checkout for insurance number which is just like the tracking numbers provided by the UPS. Insurance Number is always a unique number and can be used to locate your lost package. Alternatively, file a claim in the help section of the official UPS site.

Note : You can call to UPS customer service which is the simplest way to locate your lost package or you can also connect to the customer service centre via live chat or email. They shall ask you for some information and don’t forget to provide details such as the receiver’s and sender’s names, the date of the shipping item, location where the product is shipped from and where the shipping product is going to be delivered. If it was you who couriered the package, you may have the option of connecting the UPS store which helped you to ship your item or if you are the recipient, you can connect to the sender and ask for USP tracking information.


We hope that we assist you to get the solution for lost package UPS tracking number. If you find it helpful, share this informative content to the people or the ones who might need such information.

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