How to Submit UPS Hold Mail Request Online?

Submit UPS hold mail request : Go through the information shared here to submit hold mail request on the web. Under this hold mail request service, UPS hold your mail securely at your local UPS Store, a UPS customer center, a UPS Access Point location, or at one of the UPS partner retail locations and all the accumulated mail will be conveyed to you on the last date of hold mail.


You can ask for that the United Parcel Service (UPS) put your mail on hold on the off chance that you have to incidentally suspend mail conveyance because of get-away, business travel, hospital stays or different absences from your home. When you have the mail station hold your mail, it is remained careful and nobody should recover it from your letter mailbox you are away. You can submit your demand to hold UPS mail via different methods available.

Agree to accept UPS Hold Mail Service in case you’re going out of town during the package delivery days. To UPS package, you can sign up UPS Forward Mail Service. UPS can hold your shipment for up to five days.


Besides from other valuable services, UPS offers yet another essential service called “Hold Mail service” which enables clients to put a hold on all their mail packages, items, and parcels. In the wake of agreeing to accept this service, you need to sign up to avail this service, all your eligible mail items which are to be transported through UPS won’t be conveyed. UPS will accumulate all your mail items at your local UPS store and the delivery will happen on the last date of hold mail. This service hold mails for a maximum five days.


UPS can hold your eligible packages at The UPS Store, UPS customer center, a UPS Access Point location, or at one of the company partner retail stores.


On the off chance that you are an UPS My Choice part, The UPS Store and different UPS Access Point areas can hold your package for up to seven days at no extra charge. UPS Customer centers can hold your package for up to five business days.In the event that it’s more convenient, you can also leave your package with a neighbor or, in a few cases, send to another address. All of these arrangements can be possible, you can use UPS My Choice delivery notifications  for this service or your Delivery Planner. Contingent upon final area, transportation charges may apply.


Choose when and for how long you need the mail station to hold your mail.


  • The United Parcel Office and other UPS access point will just hold mail for most extreme of 7 calendar days.
  • Customer Center can hold your mail for five days. After the five-day time frame is finished, the collector losses the shipment in a return to sender. At the point when a package is held for pickup, its transportation ensure is still met.
  • You should allocate a starting and ending date to have mail held. Your mail bearer won’t convey mail on the beginning date. Mail delivery will continue on the completion date.


Decide when to present your UPS hold mail request.


You may not present a demand to hold mail after the third delivery attempt. On the off chance that you present your demand via phone or online that UPS change the original delivery instructions for your shipment the soonest date the demand can produce results is 1 day ahead of time.


You can ask for a hold after the first or second delivery attempt with your UPS InfoNotice . Pick that choice on your notice and place it back in a similar area where the driver initially left it. And just after a third delivery attempt of your package, the company returns the item to the sender.


You can use your UPS InfoNotice number online to ask for a hang on packages.

UPS usually conveys your item to the UPS Customer Center you pick and afterward call the beneficiary when the package is prepared. Packages are generally accessible by 8:30 a.m. on the booked day of delivery.


 UPS hold for pickup.


You can present your demand to hold mail on the web, or via phone.


Submit your UPS hold request online.


  • Go to the UPS site to submit your request.


  • Enter your postal code into the assigned field. Not all regions are available for hold mail service on the web. Check the accessibility of hold mail benefit in your area by entering the your detail. Make sure to enter the right data only. If your zone approaches the online form, the hold mail frame website page will load.


  • Fill in the blank space with your own detail. You should provide your name, address, the start and closure dates for when you need the mail station to hold your mail, and you should pick a method for accepting the accumulated mail.


  • Have your transporter convey the collected mail at the ending date if you would prefer not to get your mail from the mail station.


  • Check the case to get mail at the mail station in the event that you need to get your mail face to face.


  • Submit the finished form.


  • Print out the affirmation page for your records. Note your affirmation number as you should enter it if you need to alter or wipe out your hold mail request on the web or via phone.

Make your UPS hold mail request via telephone.


  • Call the UPS customer care number Monday through Saturday.


  • Give your own detail, begin and end date you need the mail station to hold mail, and your favored method for accepting the accumulated mail toward the end date.


  • Record your affirmation number, and place it in a safe place if you wish to change or cross out your request to hold your mail.


Also, Note that this UPS service let you hold mail items for 5 days only

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