How to Find UPS Drop Off location Near Me

UPS known as United Service Provider is a company which deliver your consignment and packages worldwide . UPS has all over 40,000 locations in the world to which it delivers the packages so , you will definitely be going to have a UPS drop of location near you also . But the main problem is that to find a location . In the busy life , you will definitely not having time to go and search for a UPS location and finding it on internet is very confusing and time consuming from normal ways or sites . As we know that UPS provided the best service and also the same day delivery in urgent cases so it will be the best option to choose . What if , you get an easy way of finding the location . Sometimes in hurry it happens that we move to a very far location even when the nearest one is also their but in lack of awareness we failed in capturing . For this we are going to tell you some method by which you will be able to find out the UPS location which is very near to you and you will not get any problem in case of any urgency . UPS delivers around more than 14 million parcels to 7 million peoples across world wide .  In this article we will going to know about the drop off boxes and drop off locations of UPS near you .

What is UPS drop off?

UPS always tries to benefit its customers in every way either it is related to delivery , packaging , handling of the consignment . UPS provides the best and different services to its customers for their convenience , solving problems so that they can reach to them easily . UPS drop-off is the facility which is provided by UPS for their customers in which they are able to select the nearest location to them . In drop of facility of UPS you are free to choose any of the location which you find comfortable to collect your package . It is not necessary or mandatory to only choose near by location from your house you can use any of the location with your choice for collecting your parcel .

UPS Drop off Locations Near Me

There are different ways provided by UPS to find the nearest location. Let us discuss them in this article. Here we will discuss 3 different methods of finding nearest drop off location to you –

Ways of finding nearest Drop Off location

Method – 1 :

To find Drop off location by using Map

UPS provides you the facility of the map in which you can easily find out the nearby drop off location to you . This map feature of UPS easily tracks your location and access you to the nearby UPS drop off location to which you can easily drive and reach the location . This map feature access you to the nearest 2 – 3 locations from which you can easily select the best one from your compared location . You can also use the Google maps for locating the UPS drop off location . This map features works on GPS and track your location . So , you can use this map for droping your parcel and receive it on the day of arrival .

Method – 2 :

Finding UPS drop-off location with help of Locator

For finding the nearby drop off location by using locator follow the below mentioned steps :

Step – 1 : First of all go to the official site of UPS or follow the below providing link to open it .

Step – 2 : Now , you will see a window appearing in front of you , go to the location option which is present at top right corner of menu bar on the screen .

Step – 3 : After clicking on location a window will open in front of you as shown in image . Now , type the location name in the box provided at the left corner of the screen .


Step – 4 : After typing the location name , check on the option “ Find a drop off location” present at the same place just below the location name .


Step – 5 : After it click on the Find option present slightly right of the particular box . You will see a new window opened in front of you .


Step – 6 : Here you will see a map opening at the right corner of the screen locating all of the near by location .


Step – 7 : At the left side of the screen you will be going to see the results of all near by locations with their proper option . Now , choose the comfortable location and drop your parcel their .


Method – 3 :

Drop off at UPS access point

UPS access points are the place which are available at your near by locations . This service is provided by location business who provide the facility of parcel pick up and drop off . These services are very convenient as they provide the flexible time to the customers according to their choices . You can easily get the times of morning , evening or even of weekends when ever you are free . There are almost more than 2000 UPS access locations present in different countries .


Before taking your parcel as drop off UPS follow some points you should also know them , these are as follows –

1 . The weight of parcel should not be more than 20 Kg . If the weight exceeded from the limit UPS access will not be going to accept it any more . So take care of the weight of parcel before going to UPS access point .

2 . There is a fixed criteria with the length of the parcel . The limited length of parcel should not cross 80 cm otherwise it will be rejected .

3 . The valuable packages are not accepted by UPS access points . They only accept those parcels who do not have its value or do not worth more than 3,000 pounds .

4 . The total size of the package should be 300 cm which includes the girth and length of the package , it should exceed this size .

5 . For the delivery of international parcels , The commercial invoice is mandatory , with out your parcel will not go for international shipping .

6 . At the time of collection of package you must have your photo ID which have been issued by government . In case of lack of any ID proof you will not be able to collect the delivery of the consignment .

UPS Access Point Near Me

Service which are offered by UPS access points

There are basically two types of services provided by UPS access points . Let us know something about them –

1 . Delivery of parcel by UPS access point at your door :

This is the first service which is offered by UPS access point . In this service you need to only drop your parcel at any UPS access point from where your parcel will be sended to the destination point through UPS . Sometimes it happens that you were unable to find time from your busy schedule to go to the UPS drop off box but you need to drop your parcel urgently as it is very important to deliver on time and in that case you have option of waiting for the pick up facility by UPS . This service helps you a lot in that case in this service you only needed to drop your parcel to the UPS access point and the UPS driver will collect your package from the access point so that you will save your time . There is one more advantage of this service that you will save around 1.50 pounds if you have been selected the door to door service .


2 . Delivery of parcel from one UPS access point to the other UPS access point :

This service is also very helpful to you as it allows to deliver the parcel from senders UPS access point to the receivers nearest UPS access point . This service is helpful when you are sending package urgently but you are not confirmed that receiver is available or not available to receive the parcel . In this way you can select the nearest UPS access point to the receivers location and send your parcel their . So the driver will collect your parcel from your UPS access point and deliver it to the nearest location of receiver’s UPS access location . This service allows the receiver to collect the package when ever they have time . By this you will also save the amount of approx 2.50 pound which you will needed to give to UPS for holding the parcel or door to door delivery .

The only draw back is that UPS access point facility is not available in all countries . Some of the countries in which UPS access point facility is available are Germany , Italy , UK , France , Netherlands , Spain , Belgium , Austria , Poland , Norway , Finland , Denmark and Sweden . So , you are only able to take advantage of UPS access facility only in these countries but you can get the UPS facility in other countries . Now , the main point is how you will find the nearest UPS access point location to you . So , for finding follow the below steps .

Step – 1 : First of all go the UPS today site or you can follow the below link also .

Step – 2 : After going the UPS site or clicking the link you will reach to the home page of UPS today .

Step – 3 : Now , at the top left side of the screen you will find the option of changing your location or country . Select the particular location of your choice . Click on flag icon of the particular country whose location you want .

Step – 3 : After selecting the desired location , click on option of UPS access point which is present at top of the screen in menu bar .

Step – 4 : After selecting the UPS access location you will directly go to the access information page . Now , scroll to the end of the page till you find the window as shown in the below image –

Step – 5 : Now in this window type your city name or postal code and country in the given boxes . When you were typing some characters of the country and city a drop down list will open you need to select from the list .

Step – 6 : after selecting click on the search option which at right side of both boxes .

Step – 7 : After performing all these steps you will be going to see a new window in which a map will open showing all of the UPS access point locations near by to you .

Below is the sample image of map .

In the above map you are able to see 5 UPS access point locations near you . Below the map you can see the list of locations with their proper name , address and contact number .

If you wanted to get full information of the UPS access point then click on more info option you can see at the right side top of the list . By using these methods you can easily find out the nearest UPS access point to you where you can drop or pick up your parcel with out any problem and easily also .

So , if you find your country then it means that this service available to you but if the flag of your country is not available then wait the service might get started soon .  UPS also provides the drop of facility with Amazon and Staples you must have been heard of them . Staples is the office supply chain which was founded in 1991 , having its stores in all over the USA while Amazon is the e – commerce company which provide online products delivery across different countries . These both provides the facility by which you can drop off or pick up your package using Staples UPS Drop – off facility .

Amazon also provides the tracking facility with delivery for Amazon UPS Drop off facility like UPS tracking by which you can easily track the state and location of your parcel .

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