How to find nearest UPS drop off or drop box Facility

UPS is having several locations and there are around more than 40,000 UPS locations and by this you will be able to estimate that you will also be going to find a UPS drop off location near your area but the thing which create problem for you is that you find it difficult to go […]

How many days are taken by UPS for delivering Package ?

There is no fixed delivery time of UPS has the timing for the delivery of your package depends on different factors. Let us know about those factors – The destination location of the package where it is going to be delivered. The address from where shipment has originated or take place. The type of package […]

Does UPS delivers on weekends i.e, Saturdays and Sundays ?

In United States the most used service for delivery of packages is UPS ( United Parcel Service ) and every one wants to know that does the UPS makes the delivery of packages even on Saturday and Sunday , so today we are going to give you the answer of this most trending question so […]

UPS holiday schedule for 2018

If you are a regular user of UPS or use its services most of the time then it is necessary for have the details of USP holidays that are going to fall in this year. So ,today we are going to provide you the list of holidays falling in coming year 2018 and tell you […]