Smart Devices for Bathroom : The Future Bathroom

Smartphones have brought advanced technology and connectivity to We look to getting the exact same type of smart performance from other devices. That has sparked a wave of interest in connected-home technology, including detectors, remote operation capabilities, and app-driven feedback to everything from thermostats to kitchen appliances.

As We outfit our houses with all types of smart devices, even rooms which Have been unfriendly (if not entirely antagonistic) to Electronics are profiting from a tiny tech attention, and that is no More accurate than in the restroom.

future bathroom

The combination of heat, humidity, and exposure to water does not sound like the most inviting environment for smart devices, Point where you are able to use an app to unclog your toilet (though someone should get on that, because seriously: million-dollar idea), but there’s a surprising number of gadgets either out there now or right on the Cusp of arriving that are seeking to bring your home’s water closet into the twenty-first century.

Future Bathroom

We will see the debut of baths designed for media consumption as living rooms are now. Baths will be embedded with technologies that open up possibilities for new forms of media. Sensors could evaluate your physical health or detect your body position and line-of-sight so that pictures and sounds may be seen and heard correctly regardless of whether you are sitting on the toilet or shaving. Surfaces like shower screens and mirrors will get watertight smart displays which could be interacted with using voice or gesture.

Smart Devices for bathrooms :

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting, impressive, or just the most fun devices you can use to Add a small modern, smartphone-friendly tech to your bathroom.

1: Waterproof screens and speakers

Aquatunes is just one of many bluetooth, wireless, water-resistant speakers currently available for your bathroom. Other companies are also making smart showerheads with built in bluetooth speakers, and bluetooth bathroom fans (for streaming music overhead). Right now you still have to press volume and skip track buttons on many of these devices – in the future we’d expect to see voice controlled versions. Several waterproof smart tv screens are also already available in the market, e.g. Aquatek.

2: Withings Smart Body Analyser

Tracks weight and body fat measurements in addition to your Body Mass Index. Also takes your pulse, measures air quality (CO2 levels and temperature), and keeps track of your daily steps score. Ultimately, it offers a daily weather report that will assist you decide what to wear and to inform how you might plan your activities for the day. The FitBit Aria scale is a similar product.

3: Naked 3D Fitness Tracker

fitness tracker

This exercise trackercombines a mirror with infrared detectors, a set of scales, and a program for your smartphone. It monitors your fitness by making a precise 3D body scan and supplying information on weight, body fat, and muscle gain. It records your progress over time so that you can readily identify physical changes.

4: Kohler Moxie showerhead

best shower heads

Who does not like to sing in the shower? And while you have no shortage of waterproof Bluetooth speakers To pick from, each more than ready to assist you beam some songs from Your phone as you clean off, we’re looking for something a bit more Purpose-built for the toilet: input, the Bluetooth-enabled showerhead. Kohler make best showerhead in the shower’s industry.

Kohler’s Overhead “rainhead” configurations, in both 2.0 and 2.5 Gallon-per-minute alternatives. Port with magnetic-attaching wireless speaker that pops on to The center of the showerhead.The speaker comes off to charge over USB, and elevates seven hours of playback on a complete charge.