With the vogue of technology in the present era and with the development of gadgets it is fairly important to teach our students about these technologies and equally it is important to rapidly upgrade our education system to provide the best education system for students. One who improves and develops himself according to the trend, can easily develop and can outsmart others in terms of efficiency, whether it’s student or a country. So, there is great role of technology that it plays in education.

Technology in EducationImportance of Education in Technology

Technology plays a handy role about how we educate them. Technology in Education, Let’s take an example. Consider a classroom where teaching is done by solely writing chalk on a board say green board. And you are teaching about DNA and the internal structure of DNA what you can tell them is only that it has various complex architecture and is comprised of this and that. However, if you are in a smart classroom and if you consider teaching with the visual help from the video so that you can zoom in into the chromosomes to show the complexity. If someone gets doubt you can pause and show them in details. There are wide variety of things that you can do with it.

The technology has developed drastically, today there are digital boards we call them smart boards. They don’t use chalk or pen-marker. They have a digital pen that projects light on the board as you made gestures on the board. It’s similar to writing with pen but digitally. See it saves the cost of chalk and prevents pollution from chalk-dust. Preserves the wastes of chalk and moreover helpful for people having allergic to dust. With technology, the classroom turns into a happier place. With the colorful images students understands and makes picture of the whatever is being taught in the class therefore its helpful for him to make it in mind for larger duration. Now with the coming distance learning program you can attend class from at your home and learn concepts from tutors available outside your reach. Technology makes your life easier why not develop our education system. As students will gain more information from internet it will help them in becoming a better citizen and being updated with technology is very much needed. Students can access digital books available worldwide and that will definitely help them.