Gadgets for The Emerging Smart Home Technology

Can your house be made smart? What is a smart house. The 21’st century has seen many innovations. Mankind has evolved itself from scratch and has reached to great heights taking the help of technology. Few years back a new concept of smart house technology has find its way over other inventions of the time.

smart home technologies

Smart House Technology

Smart-House Technology works over the principle of Internet of Things. Your house components will be connected and managed with internet by the owner. You will be managing the house by your voice or by any other means of communication like with smart phones. There is the need of a good internet connection that acts as mode of communication between you and your devices

With the people going modern Smart-Home Technologies are getting famous among these people and why not, it makes your work easier and frankly speaking it reduces the efforts needed to manage your house. You can turn ON/OFF your AC, thermostat just by your voice.

There are various companies that are making products relating to smart house technology. Certain companies like Google, Apple and Amazon are the strongest pillars in the market. With these gadgets installed in your house your experience of home handling will be automated. Means that you can make most things in your house just by sitting and talking with the gadget. The Google Home, Nest’s Smart Cam and Learning Thermostat and the Amazon Echo are based and controlled by the hardware, another variety is the Apple Home-kit which is based over software management. With Apple, you need to connect to the server with the help of Apple iPhone Or with Apple Tv. So you will need to necessarily have at least and Apple Tv or an iPhone to manage it.

Down below are certain products that are in the market and are attracting a lot of customers.


The amazon echo has a voice controlled smart speaker that has a virtual assistant Alexa. You are needed to control various things with the help of right devices installed that supports Amazon Echo. For example, if you have Nest’s thermostat (i.e. supported by the ECHO) then you can manage it from the help of Alexa just by calling its name. There are other interested things that you can do with it. Echo also supports other devices, so that you can manage your home accordingly.


The nest thermostat controls the boilers and radiators and the water managing system wirelessly. It is fitted with some cool sensors like when you will have left the house it automatically switches off the temperature control and you will return it will automatically turn it on. Nest Thermostat works with Amazon and Google Home-kit. You can go over the website for more info.


Google Home is another option in the field of smart speakers other than Amazon’s Echo. It does all the other things just like Echo does. You can control it by your voice or by your smartphone (Both Android and IOS). The voice recognition can be invoked by your favorite term “OKAY GOOGLE”. You can attach Nest Thermostat with this and a wide range of another gadget are also supported (check their website).

Source : cnet

5 Essential Applications for Your Android Phone

android apps

Everyone is now aware of Android technology. Android has very efficiently expanded itself to fit everybody’s pocket with its new features and of course being under budget. The greatest advantage that android enjoys over other counterparts is that it has a wide range of apps available at its app store called Play Store. The apps are paid as well as free. In this article, we bring you here some of the best android application that everybody should give a try.

5 Android Essential Applications


As the name suggests it has something to deal with the torch. But why we would list this among the top android application to give a try. The features that makes it special are-

You don’t need to turn your phone on while using it. As most of the people say that why to install app when you can do the same with the mobile flash. Well, for the mobile flash you need to open and unlock your phone to do so and it can become a little messy. Torchie allows you to opens flash with the pressing of volume buttons you can adjust that from the settings. For the phones with no flash it flashes the entire screen. So, isn’t the app worth to give a try??

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Are you fond of taking screenshots while doing some work? Then this application is made for you. Aren’t you bored of taking screen shots and then cropping them separately. This is a little messy process and takes a lot of time while doing so. Stitch it allows you to try various options that it offers that makes it one of the handiest application for managing screenshots. You can use it for sending screenshots while using messenger.

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What comes in mind when you hear Google drive. An online cloud based platform for saving files. No, you missed something, Google Drive allows you to view manage and even edit various files. It’s more likely an office suite.

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Are you among those that feel little drowsy when it comes to remembering passwords. And if you feel annoyance while filling up passwords then Last Fill is the app you should give a try. It automatically generates a unique and strong password when the app or site requires a password. So, you no longer need to try different combination of passwords and feel bad when it says password too short or weak password. LAST PASS will handle it. And also, it will also remember it. So, you no longer need to annoy from passwords, let LASTPASS handle it.

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Have you heard of that your information could be leaked while using public Wi-Fi? Yes, it’s right hackers can sniff what are you doing on WIFI and possess you threats. NORDVPN allows you to protect you from these nefarious people. It hides your IP address so that they will find it difficult to hack you down. It’s safe you can give it a try it.

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