Best Mobile Apps That for Drawing Awesome House Plans

Planning a new house. Are you sick of taking appointments from the architects then its right time to try for smartphone apps? Down below the article I am going to present you some of the best applications for house designing.

The world is now ruled by smartphones why not try house plans apps rather than going and wasting time by the nearby architects.

The apps are listed by the order of their popularity in the housing market.

Drawing house plans using mobile apps


This app turns the 2D drawings into 3D models. It has some of the house maps that are provided by the developer. You can convert them into 3D models and then you can analyze it. However, the disadvantage is that you cannot make 3D models for your own maps. The app is still in progress and stay tuned for further updates. The developer has not fixed any prices that means its free and is available under android and IOS.


This app is available only for android mobile phones. It provides you all facility and tools to draw and plan a detailed house plan and after that you can draw your blueprint to work further. Isn’t that amazing.


Want to see the house plan in 3D then this app is for you. After adding all the necessary features to your house plan you can turn the 3D feature and this app will throw out the 3D image of your house. This apps is available under IOS and Android platform.


This app creates floor plan by just taking pictures of rooms. It maps indoor room accurately and in the plan you can also add features like objects(chair, table) from its default library. It is available under IOS and Android platforms.


This app is more oriented towards interior designing than house planning. More or less is allows you to see how your house will look before buying any furniture. You need to take the picture of your house and then you can choose various things from the default store.


This is again something related to interior designing but is very much needy. This app allows you the visualize how the walls will look on different colors. This helps you to choose color from the default library and select which one suits you. This app automatically locates the furniture so paints walls selectively with the help of mobile camera. AMAZING!!